Hello there! I’m Celine, the clinic’s most recent addition to the Vet team. I was born and raised in the tropical country of Singapore, but spent the last 5 years in good old Palmerston North for my veterinary studies. New Zealand’s beauty and kiwi hospitality had convinced me to ditch the city and to stay for the long run. Moving up North was a huge change but the heat and humidity feels just like home! My veterinary interests involve true mixed practice work; from the little-est pocket pets to dairy cattle. I enjoy the varied nature from being outdoors and working with dairy cows, to the more personal nature of working in with companion animals with individual pets and owners.

In my spare time, I like keeping fit whether it be the strength training, badminton or beach to bush walks. I enjoy trying my hand at various different outdoor activities but surfing is a work in progress at the moment. A fervent social being, I also enjoy spending my time with close friends and family with music, a good board game or a couple of beersies over the weekend. I have been warmly welcomed by the team at Wellsford Vets and the locals, and I look forward to learning more and meeting everyone in the area!