The vet club is a mixed animal veterinary service with a clinic located in Wellsford township. We have 9 employees including four veterinarians who provide veterinary services for the surrounding towns and district from Warkworth to Kaiwaka and from the east to the west coast.

The vet clinic provides 24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year planned and emergency medical care for domestic and farm animals within our catchment area.

We provide extension educational services for domestic and farm animal health and welfare within our catchment area. Our goal is to improve individual and herd productivity and quality of life.

We manage and promote disease vaccination protocols and services for domestic and farm animals within our catchment area.

Additionally, we deliver technical assistance for prudent management and meet legal requirements for Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVM) including (and not limited too): advice for risk management of meat and milk with-holding periods; storage of product and medication recording systems; correct and competent administration of RVMs to individuals under our care.

We aim to enhance occupational health and safety of our staff and provide advice on animal handling and animal handling equipment for clients and client’s employees.

Helping Grow: People, Animal Health, Profit.

Stephen McAulay BVSc
CEO & Head Vet